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This is about my dog Lady. She is such a good dog. She is really a lady. She was Little Lady when I first got her, but she kept on eating and got too fat. We couldn't call her "little lady" anymore. If she doesn't stop growing we will have to find a larger house to live in. I don't know why. Lady dog does not take up that much space. She mostly lays on the couch or sleeps on the floor all day long. I don't think she is a pure breed dog because we found her on the side of the road. We fed her and she loves us.

My Lady dog does tricks too. She can sit and lie down and growl and speak. She will shake hands too if you offer her a cookie. Lady dog likes cookies. She likes donuts and milk and all kind of meat. Sometimes she will drool when I am eating and that makes me sick. I have to stop eating.

Lady dog dreams a lot when she is sleeping. I can watch her twitch and moan like she is chasing rabbits and stuff. If you put your hand on her she will wake up with a start like something big is going to get her. But she would never bite because she is too gentle. 

Lady dog dreams she was hog hunting and got the big hog with the long tuskies. I think she better stay in the house. The heat and exercise make her pant and her pink tongue comes out and drips. That is how dogs cool off. When they don't have air conditioning to lay under.

Lady dog likes air conditioner in summertime.

Lady Dog likes water too.  She swims and splashes. And when she gets out, she lays on her back to dry off. Usually that makes mud. She likes it that way.

       Lady Dog Drying Off

Caiden is alway happy

Happy Caiden

Sleepy Lady Dog

Sleepy Lady

Two little darlins' - Look like angels

Christian and Caiden

Christian and Caiden

Lady Dog Tongue

Lady Dog on the Pier

Lady Dog's Boot Store

Lady and Christian  June of 2011

Camping June 2011   Lady and Christian


There was a dog named Lady  She was a Lady She had good manner
If you had food she would help you eat  it She loved to go fishing .You only had 5 min. to catch a fish or she was not happy
She loved pizza and she knew when you had it She would wait for her bite of any thing. she did not like watermelon or guns or the dog catcher but she loved every one else
I know God has a special place in heaven for such a special Lady.
Lee I am so sorry that Lady left you but some day you will see her in heaven.

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I have some pictures of my Lady Dog. She is black and very friendly. Someone could steal her with a biscuit if they had one. We found her on the side of the road but we didn't steal her. Somebody lost a good dog. But now she has a happy home.      

Lady Outside   Lady Dog at the Door

Lady Dog Outside         Lady Dog at the Door


Lady Dog Standing Alone

Tired Lady Dog

Tired Lady Dog


Lady Dog and Christian Playing in Mud Puddle 

Dog Training?  My Lady dog didn't need training.  It has been said she is already smarter than me. I wonder what kind of things that lady dreams of?


    Lady and Caiden

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Kayma and Lady Dog

Kayma and Lady Dog

Lady and Prissy

Lady Dog and Miss Prissy when she was just a pup

Reagan Lee family of dogs

Friends of Lady - Jack and Jill and Daisy May

"Dog days of summer".....nothing feels better to Lady than a good roll in the dirt on a hot September day followed by a rest on the nice cool tile with the A/C blowing on her....  Sept 2011     (Ghost Lady) 

I wrote to this hotel telling them I would very much like to bring my dog with me.  She is very well groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to let her stay in the room with me at night?

The owner immediately wrote back.  "I've been running this hotel for many years.  In all that time, I have never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or pictures off the walls.  I've never had to evict a dog for being drunk and disorderly.  Yes, indeed, your Lady dog is welcome at my hotel.  And if your dog will vouch for you, you will be welcome to stay here too.

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